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About The
Greymont Group

The Greymont Group is a software implementation and development company headquartered in South Carolina, but our work is performed all over the United States. Our passion is revolutionizing how technology is developed and implemented. We love technological challenges - we live and breathe this stuff, and genuinely enjoy the entire Software Assessment, Configuration, Development, and Implementation process. We want to help you achieve your goals by providing software implementation services to all kinds of industries.

Our Services

Software Implementation

We can take your idea from concept to implementation very quickly and efficiently. We not only can provide the technical capability, but we can also perform Project Management for your project as well.

Programming & Configuration

Most software does not come out of the box ready for implementation. In many cases it requires Configuration and Development efforts to customize your software.


We can perform end to end testing to ensure that your software is performing the way it was designed.

The Ever Changing
World of Healthcare

In the ever-changing world of Healthcare there are several areas that require constant focus: Improving patient care and the quality of that care, improving patient outcomes, and pressure to produce revenue. Healthcare needs systems that are always up and running regardless of circumstance. System Performance have to go beyond expectations. All technology has to be implemented in an efficient, effective and compliant manner which improves clinical care and enhances the bottom line. Our experienced software professionals are passionate about healthcare technology.

Common Questions
From Our Clients

My system seems slow and everyone has told us we need to live with the slowness.

I want to go to the cloud, but not sure how to make it happen.

Why are my systems not delivering what they promised?

I want to upgrade but don’t have the time or resources to do so.

Technological challenges can be daunting task for any company. We get all kinds questions, and do our best to find solutions for all of them.

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