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The Greymont Group is a software implementation and development company serving the entire world with our headquarters in South Carolina,. Our passion is revolutionizing how technology is developed and implemented.

We love technological challenges. We genuinely enjoy the entire Software Assessment, Configuration, Development, and Implementation process. 

We want to help you achieve your goals by providing software implementation services to all kinds of industries, including Healthcare, Government and Businesses.

From assessment to implementation, our goal is to tailor our software to your unique needs.

Technology Focused:

We  fundamentally do not believe in a one size fits all, assembly line implementation plan. After all, your needs and business model are unique – the software you use should be unique as well.

Our company was formed to implement technology in a more innovative and revolutionary manner – to dovetail the software to fit the needs of your business. We can help you on your digital transformation journey.  Companies and organizations find themselves at a technological crossroads with many legacy and cloud based applications and not sure how to effectively integrate these applications.

Once an organizations software systems start working  synchronously this starts to improve the use of information and data.

Coordinated information and data helps to drive better decisions which improve the overall customer experience. Many studies show when decision makers have timely information and data is no longer siloed this helps to  dramatically increase revenues and customer satisfaction.

We  want to learn from you what your needs are and how we may be able to serve you.  Our main goal is to help improve your technology, processes and performance.  We’re not just Technology experts – we understand business, and that technology serves a function to help make your business better, by running more efficiently and producing better results and the overall client experience. 


Solution Driven:

We are a team of experienced Software Implementation and Development professionals who enjoy solving problems and overcoming challenges.

Greymont Group is a leading-edge software development company.  We provide the best software implementation and configuration services. We are a team of  accomplished software engineers and implementation experts who have decades of real-world experience. 

If you have a technological challenge facing your organization or business, we would love to talk to you.

From system assessment to implementation, we are the one company that can meet your needs head-on. We want to know what you are hoping to achieve.  Greymont can work with you to meet those goals developing a new system or improving an existing system. 

We are an innovative and creative company who know how to produce results. 

Greymont Group is your technology partner whether you need a new system, a system programmed and configured or your systems need to be integrated to improve overall organizational performance. 


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