Why are my systems not delivering what they promised? 

First we want to listen to you regarding your technology. Then our team can evaluate how your systems are currently performing. We have the technical experts and use specially designed tools to evaluate your current systems.  We also evaluate the architecture and infrastructure of your systems to get unique insight into overall software performance issues.

I have a system that has way too much downtime and we can’t seem to get it stable.  

System Downtime is a major issue in many organizations. Many organizations continue to have issues of downtime with their systems. Most industries now require 99.9% uptime. Our Technical experts understand the necessity of this so we work with you to understand the pattern of downtimes as well as evaluate the overall system architecture. We also perform a software analysis to determine if this is causing downtime issues.

How to reduce dissatisfied End Users. 

We all want to understand the issues behind dissatisfied End Users. In order to try and reduce dissatisfaction with end users we get subjective and objective information. We get this information in a variety of ways including interviews, process reviews, available end user data as well as looking at ITSM data as well. Once we get all of this information we develop a plan to reduce dissatisfaction as well as develop KPI’s to ensure that these issues have been corrected.

My systems are working ok but in order to provide better service we need to optimize our system.  

Many organizations go through system upgrades and in many cases don’t realize the necessity of optimization. Over time most organizations realize that they need to make changes to an existing system.  We have experience with system optimization and we can develop an system optimization plan to show you the deliverables, resources and timeframe it would take to perform the optimization of your system. 

We have never got the ROI out of a particular system. 

Many organizations implement a system and were promised  a certain amount of return for the money they spent on technology. In many cases, the actual return does not match the promised return. Our business process experts can evaluate your current system to assess how your system is used and whether there is additional functionality in a given system that can help improve your bottom line.

How can I integrate my one system with another system? 

 In many industries there are often new systems and legacy systems that need to be able to work together and communicate with each other.  We have a technical team that loves doing integration work and getting disparate systems to work as one. In many cases this often improves the overall automation but saves the organization from having to replace an already existing legacy system.  We have been able to integrate existing system with newer systems very effectively using API’s. https://cmo.adobe.com/articles/2019/5/entering-the-platform-economy-why-apis-and-integrations-are-crucial.html#gs.8v2aa0

I want to go to the Cloud but not sure how to make it happen? 

 Our solutions can be an out of the box or a proprietary solution. We have AWS and Microsoft Azure experts ready to assist you to see if moving to the cloud is the right decision for your organization. We also can use proprietary cloud technology to move you to the cloud. /https://thegreymontgroup.com/software-services/software-implementation/

I want to archive some old data but not sure how to do it. 

Many organizations have old legacy data that they need to keep for a number of years. We understand how to move legacy data out of your current system and ensure this data is archived safely and securely. We also work with archive vendors to ensure that your legacy data is able to be accessed at any time.

We are not able to pull the data that we need out of our current system? 

Greymont Group has data analytics experts that can help analyze your systems and pull the mission critical data out of your systems.  In particular we have database experts that specialize in SQL and Oracle. We also have the ability to put together a data analytics plan to let you know what additional data you have in your system that you are not currently using. Our experts can execute the plan and you will gain a competitive advantage by having additional data that was previously unused. 

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