Software Services

Greymont Group provides a wide variety of Software-Services. 

The Greymont Group is a Software Implementation, Programming, Configuration and Software testing company headquartered in South Carolina

We provide enterprise level Software Implementation and Development Services for Companies and Business.

Currently much of our business relates to cloud development and

We are a Enterprise Software Implementation and Configuration Company that specializes in the implementation of Cloud applications. We are a full service Software
Implementation Company. We not only can assist you in selecting the appropriate software we are able to perform the entire Software Implementation.

Our Project Management specialists can develop a strategic plan for you and the application you are implementing. We are Software implementation specialists and
can get your software from selection to putting the application in production. Most Software Implementation companies come up with a canned Project Plan.
Our Project Plans are highly individualized plans that have you and your organizational needs in mind. Prior to any Software Implementation we put together a Strategic
Plan prior to doing any implementation work. This Strategic Plan transparently shows how we would like to proceed with your Software Implementation.

If you are implementing multiple applications we also put together a Technological Roadmap that visually shows you how your applications will improve you overall
technology, but how it will positively impact your overall operational functionality. We want our clients to transparently understand the scope and timeframe of work
that needs to be done in order to implement your software. We also review with you the implementation and configuration steps that it will take to get your software
from the drawing board into production. Our Software implementation process's help to implement your software on time with all of the promised functionality. Many clients
would like to add a large amount of software optimization as well prior to the initial Go-Live. The level of optimization is up to you based on your business needs. Our
implementation experts can help guide you with the amount of functionality in your new software you will need in order to receive the needed ROI you are expecting.

The major steps of any Software Implementation is the Design, Configuration, Testing and Go-Live. We provide all of these services to ensure there is no need for
additional resources in order to complete the Software Implementation project. All of our Software Implementation specialists have many years of experience within the
Software Implementation industry. They are truly experts in their given field and all are US Based technologists. Prior to starting any project, we will inform you who
will be performing your Software Implementation and this will include all of the Team Members on a given implementation. In putting together a Software Implementation Team
we get the right people with the right background that is able to effectively perform your Software Implementation. They are available to answer any and all questions.

We provide a wide variety of software services.

The list below are some of the Software Services we provide:

Software Implementation, Programming Configuration and Software Testing

  • Software Configuration/Implementation/Testing/Development
  • Cloud Application Implementation
  • Legacy System Support
  • System Integration/Interoperability services
  • API Development and Implementation
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Conversion
  • Cloud Conversion
  • Programming
  • Low Code Programming and Automation
  • Program and Project Management Services
  • IT Security 
  • Infrastructure-  VM Servers, Networking and Hyperconverged
  • ITIL Compliance Review
  • Software Testing -Manual and Automation

We work with a large variety of types of software and we are vendor neutral. We are a full service Technology Company and provide Software Development, Configuration and Testing. 

The below are some examples 

  • EHR- Electronic Health Record
  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM- Customer Relationship Management
  • ITSM – IT Service Management
  • Cloud Applications
  • On-Premise Enterprise Systems
  • SQL and Oracle Relational Database Management Systems
  • SAN/NAS Storage Implementations  
  • Data conversions 
  • Document Management Systems

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