Software Implementation

Software Implementation Process

 Greymont Group can organize and implement your Software Implementation. We perform implementations in a very efficient and effective manner yielding outstanding results. Our team of technology experts can perform your software implementation in person or completely remotely.  Our experienced team has worked with a large variety of software and can handle any software implementation no matter the size or complexity.

We can implement a wide range of Business Systems and have had experience in working in a variety of industries including Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Automotive, Oil/Gas, Agriculture and Environmental. 

Server Based Implementations

Our software engineers and analysts have experience with implementing software in a traditional Server Based environment. There are still numerous software applications that require that they be on premise. We also have extensive experience working in a hybrid environment where some applications are on premise and some are in the cloud. 


The Greymont Group offers a wide variety of Software Services


Cloud Based Technology

One of the biggest transitions within technology is the move of many vendors from on premise to have their applications cloud based. The end result is less reliance on your hardware and more reliance on the software provider. Though this sounds simple there are a host of issues and complexities that come with moving to the Cloud when it comes to Software Configuration and Implementation.

Over the past several years, cloud based implementations have been our largest request from clients.

At the end of the day, most applications are moving from an on-premise model to a cloud model. This often is done to help the customer with any hardware requirements since it removes the hardware and also keeps versioning up to date. 

Based on recent events we see Cloud Based Technology continue to grow because of its flexibility and resiliency.  Cloud based Technology or Software as a Service (SaaS)  will see significant growth in the upcoming years. Many organizations are challenged by a multi-cloud environment where some of their systems are on a Public, Private and Community Cloud.  The challenge is how do you work with systems in a multi-cloud environment and how do they work effectively together.  Its clear those companies that cannot adjust and have their systems work seamlessly in the cloud will ultimately not be successful.

Cloud Based Implementations

Our first step in a Cloud Based implementation is to find out what you are hoping to achieve. We evaluate whether moving to the cloud is the right move and the cost and benefits of such a move.  We want to make sure that we choose the right solution.

Greymont gets beyond the hype to determine the true functionality of an application. As a result, we make sure that once the assessment has been completed that we get the solution that is the best fit for your organization.  Cloud applications offers a great deal more functionality and resiliency. Cloud based applications allows for additional configuration and optimization options that help tailor the software to your organizations needs. 

Moving existing applications to the Cloud

Greymont has proven processes to ensure that moving you to the cloud is done efficiently and that you get the most out of your investment.  Our experience with Cloud based applications is greater flexibility and the ability to customize the software to your needs. 

Once a technological solution has been selected, we can perform the Cloud implementation by developing a timeline and a project plan that allows for a smooth transition to the cloud. If you are in the middle of a cloud implementation and struggling to get it completed. Please contact us and with our innovative processes and creative approach we can help you.

Managing the Project

We have extensive Project Management capabilities and don’t subscribe to just one approach. Many organizations have a certain “style” of Project Management.  Greymont offers a variety of Project Management approaches and can use a variety of Project Management tools to implement your Software Project on time and within budget. 

Agile Project Management

One of the most interesting areas of Project Management has been the increased use  and significant growth of Agile Project Management. Agile Project Management has proven to be very effective in reducing the implementation time of a Software Implementation and helps to improve  overall quality.


Legacy System Support

Our Team can also provide Legacy System Support for  mission critical systems that are not able to be replaced.  Our Legacy Team supports these applications as well as optimize these systems. 

Technology used in our Implementations

We have worked with all kinds of Technology.  Additional technologies we have worked with are:

  • AI
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Cloud Implementations – AWS and Microsoft Azure


Healthcare Systems Implementation

Healthcare organizations are challenged to improve their clinical care and at the same time are facing reduced overall reimbursement from payors. In addition, there are extensive compliance requirements and increased need for systemwide integration. We have extensive experience with implementing EHR’s, Revenue Cycle and Clinical Systems as well as offer HL7 Integration services.

Greymont provides support for mission critical Legacy Systems. One of the areas where there is increased focus in Healthcare is supply chain and how to save money from ordering and delivery of supplies.  We have extensive experience regarding Healthcare Supply Chain issues and put together a plan on how to reduce supply costs and improve your Supply Chain.  Greymont is working with clients that want to optimize their Supply Chain and are moving to a more resilient Supply Chain.

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