Software Programming, Configuration & Development

Software Programming and Development

Greymont Group can help you with your digital transformation experience. We are experts in Software Programming, Configuration and Development. We have the experience and know how to help you through the entire software development life cycle.  Our team of experts can help configure and optimize a current system or develop and code a completely new system. 


Traditional Software Development

We have the ability to perform traditional software development, coding  and configuration. Clients often want us to evaluate and work with them on their current processes and then develop a software solution based on those processes. In many cases clients find that their current processes are not working as effectively as they need to and that their software systems are not as efficient as they need to be. This means that end users within the organization are not as productive and don’t have the information and data they need to make the best decisions possible.   Once processes and software systems work together with a focus on the overall customer experience this significantly improves revenues.  

Greymont Group can help you configure and implement your own application or optimize an existing application.

Our application development team works with many different computer languages and the below are just a few:

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • XML
  • JSON
  • RAML
  • Java
  • Python
  • PERL
  • PHP
  • Ruby


Low Code Platforms

In some cases clients, companies don’t have time to go through the traditional software development life cycle and need a software solution to market immediately. Several studies have shown that using low code can reduce development time by at least 60%. One potential option in those cases is low code platforms. These platforms can easily translate your processes into consumable software in less than a third the time of traditional software development. The Low Code Platforms we have used are Appian, Open Text and Outsystems. Low code options help the client have a view in the type of software and its functionality long before its in production.  

Low code platforms will continue to grow significantly over the next several years. The key to its growth is to understand the true power and how to apply Low Code to real world problems.


Data Analytics

Our Development Team also has experience with many different Data Analytics Platforms.  Some platforms that we have used include the following:  SQL, Oracle, Hadoop,  Infor Birst, Tableau, and Databricks.  Analytics languages we have worked with include Python, L, and R. 

We are experts at developing a custom solution for your data needs that provides data to key decision makers at the right place at the right time. Data that is siloed within each software system has proven to be ineffective and inefficient. Many organizations have hundreds and in some cases thousands of applications that do not work together.  If you feel disconnected from your data there are many data analytics solutions from the traditional Data Warehouse to newer solutions such as a Data Lake.

Siloed Data is the largest obstacle to digital transformation. Today’s companies have a myriad of applications that often don’t communicate with one another. Once the data silos are removed and data is removed from its application companies are finding tremendous insights that give them an advantage in a competitive market place.  Digital transformation projects are often tightly corelated with improving the overall customer experience, internal end user satisfaction and ultimately improves the bottom line.  

Data that is fluidly available throughout the organization helps drive decisions that improve the overall performance of your organization.  Removing data silos can help you work seamlessly and make better more informed decisions. 


System Integration

Many organizations want applications to be able to  be integrated with each other that were never designed originally to work with one another.  In many cases integration prevents a mission critical legacy system from being replaced and can save the organization a lot of money with no loss of functionality. Organizations have some systems on premise and some in the cloud. Hybrid environments often make it difficult for applications to work together and to be integrated with one another.  Organizations often have hundreds of systems that are unable to share information and don’t work together.  This is where System Integration steps in to integrate all of your systems so they work in a coordinated fashion. 


Application Programming Interface (API’s)

Today system integration is key in reducing siloed data and information between systems. One way to help unify your systems are through Application Programming Interfaces or commonly called API’s. API’s can turn Legacy Systems into assets. Greymont Group can help develop new or improve the functionality of existing API’s. We build and develop API’s that fits your business needs. API’s seamlessly communicate between two applications that were not originally built to communicate with one another. API’s are an easy way for other systems to access data.  An example is integrating a CRM system with an ERP system. For instance if a CRM has customer account information that needs to be shared with the ERP system. Another industry that has started using API’s is Healthcare. One of the commonly used API standards in Healthcare is Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). 

There are many different types of API’s such as REST, SOAP, Bulk and Streaming.  API’s can do anything from transferring large amounts of data from one system to another or they can control robots. As a Result APIs can push or pull data from one or multitude of systems. As a result APIs are extremely powerful.  In particular REST API’s have proven to have been shown to be highly effective.

API’s enhance the functionality of existing software and by working with another system  improve software performance. To put it simply API’s, allow different software components to communicate with each other.  There are many situations where API’s  are beneficial. Some areas where we have used API’s are system migrations and keeping systems in synch in real time. .

API’s help reduce software system fragmentation and have siloed systems work in a coordinated manner.  Instead of ripping and replacing entire software systems API’s can be used to have systems seamlessly work together  Platforms we have used to configure and implement API’s are Mulesoft, Boomi and Jitterbit. We rigorously test API’s and ensure that API’s are secure. 

Automation Review

 We can review your overall business process to see if there are areas where automation could be introduced to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization. The purpose of doing this is to improve the overall customer experience. Technology touches and impacts your processes. The real question is technology working with your processes or is it inhibiting the overall performance of your organization. 

Supply Chain

One area where processes and technology converge is with Supply Chain. Recent events have shown how critical an effective Supply Chain is and whether it is resilient enough to handle changing external conditions. Greymont  Group can review your  current supply chain processes and  how it works with your current technology. We can find ways to improve processes and enhance automation which can result in a large amount of savings. Based on our initial assessment one of our customers was able to save over $25 per year by implementing our recommendations. 

Multi-Use Applications

 Greymont Group has  been successful with applications that have multiple uses, and in many cases, they can be highly optimized.

Those solutions include ERP, CRM, ITSM and Document Management Systems.  We can help customize these applications to be able to perform additional functions than what they typically are used for. In many cases, our clients do not have to purchase additional software or get rid of the software. Many software solutions can be reconfigured and optimized to give you the performance and functionality you need.

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