Software Testing & Quality Assurance

Software Testing and Quality Assurance 

In today’s world Software Testing and Quality Assurance is essential in getting any Software from the development phase to being implemented and put in production. Software Testing is critical to making your Software Implementation a success. Effective Software Testing gives you confidence that your Software will perform as expected under real world conditions. 

Different organizations and industries have different Software Testing requirements. We put together a  Testing plan together that helps ensure that your software will execute successfully once its in production.

We can do all kinds of  Testing from traditional Unit and Integrated Software Testing to more complex testing. In all testing, we want to use as much automation as possible.  Software Testing Automation Tools helps to ensure that everything is tested correctly and can perform more testing in less time. We use a combination of automation and manual testing.  During our testing process we do more than find defects and bugs our testing also looks at optimization opportunities as well.  Greymont Group focuses on Functional Testing, Load/Performance Testing and Regression Testing. 

 Testing Services, Tools and Approaches

Assessment: We have a Software Testing Assessment tool that we use to determine the depth and breadth of testing that needed to be performed.

Plan: Once the Testing Assessment has been completed we then put together a Testing Plan and overall vision for the scope of Testing that will be needed to ensure your software is working as expected and you are getting the return on your technology. 

Process: Our Testing experts initiate the Testing Process giving ongoing updates of our progress and if we are line with our Testing Plan. 

Outcome Report: Once all of our testing is complete, we produce an objective report on the total work effort and outcomes of our testing. This can be used to trace back any potential performance concerns in the future. 

Automation Tools: We  use a variety of Testing Automation Tools to help reduce the overall time it takes to perform testing as well as increases the reliability of the testing that is performed. In many cases we use a combination of manual and automated testing for best results. 

Testing and Agile Project Management– One of the more interesting challenges is how and when to automate testing when you are using Agile Project Management. We understand Agile and how and when to automate testing to ensure that you get the most out of automation between Agile Sprints.

Performance, Load and Stress Testing–  We provide a lot of options when it comes to Performance, Load and Stress Testing.  These tests are critical to ensure your software can stand the rigors of real world usage and your software will perform under the most challenging circumstances.

Programming– Greymont Group not only has extensive testing capabilities but can also help you code as issues arise during testing.

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